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Day of the Dead
Ritual Circle

                      Nov 2 @ 5pm pst/8 pm est


Natalia Price

13 Moon Mystery School

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Enter into the temple of the Dark Mother, the Queen of Death, who lovely invites us into the mystery and possibilities of death and rebirth. Asking us to consciously release that which is dying in ourselves and in our world


         Honoring this powerful Halloween Samhain Day of the Dead portal to welcome in the dark inward time of the year, those that have passed and our own shamanic ego death


This time is often called the Witches New Year cross quarter holy day,

where we align with the natural cycles of the Earth and

use this as a sacred opportunity to dive deep into the shadows and see what is holding us back and embrace it into Love

Samhain Day of the Dead Ritual Circle
Samhain Day of the Dead Ritual Circle
Nov 02, 2022, 5:00 PM PDT
Live via Zoom


On this ritual call we will explore:

~ Using guided meditation, embodiment practices and ritual, to enter into the wisdom of this time of year and the realms of death and dying.

~Reflecting on all that has transpired this year and our process with it....honoring its blessings, challenges and medicine.

Metabolizing our grief, disappointment, disallusionment, loss, and enter into TRUST that whatever is manifesting is serving our wholeness and awakening.

~Work with the archetypal energy of The Queen of death Archetype of the 13 Moon Mystery School to release, let go and surrender....allowing for a shamanic ego death for all that is complete and no longer serving to die and fall away at this time.


~Learn to cultivate a new relationship with Death that honors life. Through the conscious dance of dying and re-birthing, we remember how to reclaim the sacredness and purpose of our lives, 

~ Explore ways to Prepare yourself for death to the best of your ability.


~Honoring those that have passed in our lives and the medicine their deaths and our grief offer us.


 What are you Releasing?

What is Dying In You?

What are you Honoring?

*Check your email for zoom link*



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