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Natalia Price 

Ordained Priestess & Temple Keeper

        In this current life, I am an ordained priestess and focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School. I have been involved with the 13 moon work and its founder, Ariel Spilsbury for 21 years. Drawing inspiration from my journeys as a ritual theatre performance artist, yoga instructor, ceremonialist, and gypsy, I facilitate ceremonies, retreats and initiations to support and inspire women in aligning with their feminine wisdom, embodying their true essence and offering their gifts in the world with clarity confidence.

        Born and raised all over South America with Argentinian and Welsh blood, I have traveled the world following the inner call for the sacred, Mother Earth and the embodiment of the divine feminine in all cultures, places and people, especially sacred sites.

       Although I am latina, my spiritual lineage is that of ancient Egypt….of the temples of Isis and Hathor. Aligning my inner compass to the ritual arts and remembrance of those times of service to the Mother in all.

  The midwifing into death of some of my closest beloveds initiated me into the deeper realms of death and guided me into the role of temple keeper of the Queen of Death for the Sanctuary of the Open Heart.  I became certified as a death doula and work with the Full Circle Living and Dying Collective to transform and reclaim our relationship and ritual with the death process.

    I facilitate a year-long priestess initiation circle in the 13 Moon Mystery school, the embodied ritual leadership program, as well as new/full moon gatherings, 1:1 soul work with individuals, workshops and community rituals.

     I currently live in Nevada City, CA with my 10 year-old son and husband, where we own Sacredskulls Tattoo and Jewelry.

      I am continuously weaving my priestess path and family life as a living prayer of devotion to transforming and uplifting consciousness through the awakening of the heart and embodiment of our body temples. I am fiercely dedicated to empowering women to rediscover and remember what makes them feel alive, passionate and whole and how to offer that in service to the planet in Love and rebalance the Divine Feminine in the world.

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 My role is to hold the temple gates open, to witness and hold you accountable in unconditional Love…

To guide the resonance of the lovingly challenge, track and support you in seeing yourself like never before. 

And to Welcome you Home 

as you fully step into the magnificence and




I invite you to really sit with this info at your heart
and womb and deepen into if this is the path for you...


Can you in truth commit to this right now?.

—  Natalia Price, Priestess 

13 Moon Mystery School 

The 13 Moon Mystery School is dedicated to accessing the wisdom of the Divine Feminine within each one of us. As planetary midwives, we join in unified service to unconditional Love and heart centered awareness.


The intention of the 13 Moon Mystery School is to uplift and transform collective consciousness through the lens of the Divine Feminine. Our primary practice is to be a living embodiment of divine principles, direct knowledge, and the wisdom that arises through attention in the present moment.


Rooted in the Avalonian Mysteries, and other mystical and spiritual traditions, this ancient Mystery School provides a profound alchemical crucible for Transformation through the embodiment of the Goddess.

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Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School


      I am an empty reed of consciousness, humbly listening to the Divine current and scribing what is heard/felt,  for the awakening and alchemical transmutation of the planetary collective, so in that I would loosely call myself an Alchemist. I am reticent even to define myself as a Priestess, which has been my primary descriptor since my early twenties, as the older I get,  the less I want to define myself at all. 

     Quite simply, I walk as Love’s Presence with an unstoppably humorous take on life here on Earth, that is my job description.

     In the world of form I have scribed from the Divine Mother,  The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddess’ Mysteries, The 13 Moon Oracle, Guidebook for a Modern Priestess and most recently, Gaia’s New DreamCoat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia’s Greening. and from the Maya, The Mayan Oracle:Return Path to the Stars.

      I am passionate about the unfolding, flourishing of the 13 Moon Mystery School and the awakening of the Divine Feminine in all beings at this time in human history!



To purchase Source materials for the 13 Moon lineage, please go to:


AND to have access to hundreds of free video's on many soulful subjects involved with this 13 Moon lineage, please go to: 


Ginger Lazarus 

Cult of Gemini Shop Owner,


    "My experience in "13 Moon Priestess Circle" was incredible. Each month Natalia created a deeply immersive experience so that we could fully embrace and embody the archetype that we were working with.


This work deepened my understanding of not only the things that held me back but also helped me expand my vision of what I wanted to become.


If you are interested in deepening your knowledge of symbolism, ritual, and of yourself this course can be that and so much more." 

Dr. Daniela Soulux Pruzan

Physical & Craniosacral


    "Natalia’s Priestess initiate circle is one of the most profound and life-changing women’s work I have been a part of. It allowed me to bring back into balance my feminine wisdom, learning to listen more deeply, and trust my own inner guidance.


I was supported while navigating both wounded shadow and light aspects of the goddess.


Natalia is a compassionately skilled facilitator who is an embodiment of the modern-day Priestess. If you are ready for a deep dive to reclaim your gifts of the feminine, look no further."

Isis Indriya

Founder Of Academy of Oracle Arts, Living Village Culture, & Oracle Clan


    "The dedication and devotion Natalia carries to the healing & transformation of Women is inspiring and greatly necessary in these times. She creates a safe & strongly held container for deep intuitive inquiry with a loving and nurturing supportive nature that allows one to surrender into themselves & the circle of Sisters.


I highly recommend this 13 Moon journey for any woman ready to step into their Divine Feminine nature. Natalia is a clear vessel for this work and sharing in Presence with her as a guide is a gift to us all." 

Sara Jacobs

Massage therapist/Healer


   "True Magic" is the only way I can describe what I experienced going through the 13 Moons Mystery School with Natalia.  This form of prayer and practice completely transformed my life.


During the 13 moons, I was given the opportunity and guidance to reprogram my DNA and project out to the world my vision for myself, our planet's future, and the healing of our ancestors. I came out on the other side, centered, empowered and with more knowledge than I could have EVER imagined.


The information given and thoroughly taught is beyond anything I have ever read in books, and yes even dreamed of. This journey is a MUST for ANY woman ready to take on the rest of their lives with fierceness, grace, and compassion."

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