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Natalia Price

Priestess & facilitator of the 13 Moon Mystery School





     Welcome to a Temple of the 13 Moon Mystery school facilitated by Natalia Price.

   The temple doors are open. The candles are lit. The incense offerings are burning. Awaiting your arrival, your stepping in and taking your place in this sacred circle of sisters.

You are being called into Remembrance of the true essence of who you are at your core.

As empowered, alive, embodied, and free!


     The planet is in need of empowered feminine leadership that is aligned in the heart and ready to offer her gifts to transform and uplift the planet.

The priestess is awakening, igniting within us all.

    This journey into your feminine self is intended to

awaken ancient mysteries within your own mythic story

connected to the greater web of Creation.

To remember what you came here for

It is time to embody your radiance, your passion, your power.

The 13-Moon Mystery School Priestess Path

is a gateway to return home to your truth.

It is an initiatory process within a circle of the sacred mirrors of sisterhood.

A radical path of soul remembrance,

calling you deeper into the center of your awakening heart.


  Priestess Initiate Circle:

      This is my signature year-long priestess training where we work with 13 archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Every moon we cultivate and embody a different aspect of ourselves in a virtual temple space using guided meditations, color frequencies, embodiment practices, sacred tools, shadow work, altars, alchemy, rituals and ceremony.

        Cultivating practices and gathering tools that strengthen and transform your everyday life, relationships, and feminine power.



April 15 , 2023

There are still spaces left to Join

this year's Priestess Initiate Circle 


  Join Me For The Next Virtual Event 


MAY 5, 2023 @5pm pst/8pm est

 We gather in virtual sisterhood to eeepen into what it means to embody and cultivate a relationship with the Great Mother in this modern-day to be resourced and supported from within.

Embracing some of the shadows that block you from receiving Her and fully loving and accepting yourselves.

     Harnessing the power of this Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio as a time to recalibrate, release and reclaim the sacred  within us.

Setting intentions of what we want to amplify and nurture in our lives.


The most passionate intention of this work is to assist you in establishing a direct, intimate, ecstatic, Personal Relationship with the Divine Feminine within you and in that, to fully recognize your true nature as Love!

To remember how to truly TRUST your inner self and its guidance and the gifts you came here to offer.


1-Kayla Pearson (1).jpg

     “I showed up to this world as someone who was looking to be more for others and I left as being more for myself. This experience changed the course of my life and helped me own my femininity- creating balance and greater purpose. I became comfortable in my own skin, knowing my needs are sacred and I have the capability to create the life of my dreams. Embodying each archetype and the challenge they bring to blossom change was an exquisite transformative experience.

      Natalia is a gift and her passion and intuitive wisdom prompted me to cultivate the courage to lean into my true essence and make choices in my life that broke down old patterns and belief systems. I feel cleansed, I feel supplied with an abundance of tools, I feel worthy.”

Kayla Pearson - Systems Analyzer

embodied Ritual Leadership

A 8-week ritual journey empowering women to step into leadership and embodied facilitation.


Offering you the tools and foundation to confidently

lead your own ceremonies and circles.

Learn the art of facilitation, and the inner work it takes to step into authentic leadership.


Next Program starts on Sept 2023

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