The year-long Virtual

Priestess Initiate Circle   

How it works

Each moon/month we will come together for 5 hours in Ceremony via Zoom (with breaks) in a Temple devoted to one of the 13 faces of the Divine Feminine archetypes as seen through the 13 Moon Mystery school lineage. From 12-5pm. With lunch and breaks. We will break out into groups and have opportunity to speak and be reflected.


We gather again halfway through the moon on a week day to assist you with staying on track with inner work, to expand with the practices, share experiences, and ask questions.



Each archetype will have practices, rituals, embodiment and archetypal yoga videos and handouts sent to you for you to do on your own to further your self-exploration and clearing of shadow. You will  be focusing on the specific Shadow and Light qualities that you choose each month

*The time commitment starts at 2 hours per week.


You will have a chosen accountability partner  each moon to do 1:1 check-ins via phone or zoom. This is a way to move more deeply into cultivating your priestessing  skills and put it into practice and embodied experience with one another.


A optional Priestess Group Call will  once a moon to drop in even further and  connect and share our experiences and challenges together.


We will have an interactive Private virtual community space for sharing, questions, and concerns as you embody, develop and address the qualities and shadows during your moon long interface with each of the 13 Moon archetypes. Here you are invited to offer your video assignments.


Every 4  months you have a private  coaching soul session with me to deepen into your initiations as we track and assess your temple journey and personal growth. Holding you accountable while identifying any patterns that are calling to be shifted. And offering personal tools and practices that will assist your path in a powerful container of ongoing support. 

     The 13-Moon Mystery School Priestess Initiation Circle is a gateway to return home to your truth. This is a virtual online priestess training for a commitment of one year. It is an initiatory process within a circle of sacred mirrors in sisterhood to travel through 13 temples of the Divine feminine.

    It is a radical path of soul remembrance, calling you deeper into the center of your awakening heart and then offer your gifts in service.


     We Immerse in alchemical practices of the 13 Moon Mystery School that are guided by feminine principles and ancient avalonian priestess lineage. Aligning with practical tools and skills to activate and remember the essence of who we are connected to the Divine within and in service to the Earth and our purpose here.


       We Journey together in deep inner soul work to give voice to the unspoken patterns and wounds that unconsciously rule us. We embrace the shadows that block us from standing in our true radiance and self-mastery.  Confronting our fears and self-doubt, so that we may walk in our Sovereign Power and Purpose in the world with greater clarity, impact, compassionate action and inner balance in all areas of our lives.



    Every moon for 13 Moons, we enter into a different temple of the Divine feminine. We co-create a potent ritual space using guided meditations, color frequencies, embodiment practices, sacred tools, yoga, alchemy, songs, rituals and ceremony....and amplifying in stillness and silence. Cultivating practices and gathering tools that you can carry into your everyday life and relationships.

     You are guided to contemplate each face of the Goddess within yourself through sacred geometry, mudra, mantra, yantra, flowers, herbs, crystals, tools and much more!

     Each temple is unique and offers an experience of direct connection and EMBODIMENT with each archetype in her Light and Shadow qualities as they live in you. These initiations are at the heart of the Mystery School, opening a profound portal to Awaken and Embody Her Within you


     My role is to hold the temple gates open, to witness and hold you accountable in unconditional Love…

To guide the resonance of the lovingly challenge, track and support you in seeing yourself like never before. 

And to Welcome you Home 

as you fully step into the magnificence and



     There is no “teaching,” but rather a deep and profound remembrance, catalyzed by being within a skillfully held alchemical crucible. The foundation of this work is to step out of the Ego mind and storyline and drop into our deepest expression of essence through Archetypal energy. We will cultivate a new way to share and speak our hearts in “empty presence”.  You will be guided to listen from your deep belly wisdom and heart-knowing.

    You will receive materials and meditations to prepare for temple each moon and invited to dress ceremoniously in the color frequencies of each archetype.


   The Divine Feminine is rising on the planet in a powerful new way that is calling for each one of us to remember why we have come here and step into our power to serve. To bring balance back and raise consciousness for all beings.  We are each encoded with our unique gifts and purpose  to offer. It is time to awaken them and use them in devotion to heal our world. Let us come together to inspire and empower each other and reclaim a new way of being connected to the greater web of life, in right relationship with mother earth and our interdependence with all that is.

    Let us clear the wounds and patterns of playing small and not enoughness to inspire and uplift all that come into contact with our full radiance and love.



Are you willing to step across the threshold into the Priestess Initiation?


    Will you step into the initiation of CLARITY, CHALLENGE AND RE-ALIGNMENT?


      To look into the mirror of your soul and lovingly embrace the shadows of self-doubt, inner-critic, competition, comparison, unworthyness, and the wounds of sisterhood?

    Will you show up for yourself over and over and fully go the distance when you come into resistance?


     Will you choose to walk as an embodiment of the Goddess.....and choose LOVE  in every moment?

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