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Kali Ma
Creator Destroyer
Full Moon Circle
Wed April 5 

Natalia Price

13 Moon Mystery School


Enter into the Red, Black and White Temple of

the Creator Destroyer Preserver.....Kali Ma.

Working with 3 fierce faces of the feminine

that we don't often allow ourselves to embody in our patriarchal world.

  • Identifying and calling out what stuck pattern you have been carrying

  • What is no longer serving you and keep you playing small?

  • Clearing the masks and attachments to make new choices & Liberate yourself.

  • Aligning with the power of the Libra Full Moon to rebalance and get crystal clear on what you want to focus on and create in your life.

Desert in Dark
Virtual 13 Moon Priestess Initiate Circle 2024 Hybrid
Virtual 13 Moon Priestess Initiate Circle 2024 Hybrid
May 2024
Hybrid Virtual Temple & in-person Retreats

I  Focus               I Create

The Priestess Initiate  Circle

​Join me in a year-long ritual journey working with 13 Archetypal temples of the Sacred Feminine of the 13 Moon mystery School.


Through ritual, embodiment, shadow work, archetypal psychology, alchemy, yoga and priestess practices in a sacred container of mentorship in sisterhood.

A hybrid of virtual and in-person retreats to spark remembrance. 

Cultivating priestess practices, gathering tools and honing your skills to ground and inspire your everyday life, relationships, and business.....from the inside out.

Weaving together body, mind and heart wisdom with ancient, esoteric teaching within the structure of a modern day mystery school.


     For women who are ready to truly re-align with their feminine power and spiritual path in a new way. Who want support and accountability in stepping into the feminine leadership and offer their gifts in the world with clarity and confidence​

We begin Saturday April 16, 2023

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