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A Ritual Embodiment Journey with faces of the Divine Feminine


The Creatrix, the Shakti Primal Goddess, and the Priestess

Enter into 3 archetypal temples to experience working with and embodying archetypes in a modern day mystery school through direct embodiment, sacred teaching  and priestess practices.


This journey is rooted in the priestess arts of ritual and devotion from the heart, designed to empower you to cultivate a more connected relationship with yourself, find clarity and build confidence in your path.


Day 3: Temple of the Priestess 

Enter into the Sapphire Blue Water Temple of the Priestess Archetype who guides you in becoming a clear vessel to discover your unique symbols and keys you are encoded with. Learn sacred tools and practices of a priestess. Clear out perfectionism and self-doubt to access and trust your intuitive inner knowing and vision.
Day 2: Temple of the Shakti Primal Goddess

Fire elemental embodiment practices with the Shakti Primal Goddess. Re-igniting your creativity, passion and sacred sensuality alive. Clearing out unresolved shame and patriarchal programming to liberate your instinctual body wisdom and channel your Shakti life force energy in a new way. Giving yourself permission to be the sacred rebel....untamed, wild and Free.
Day 1: Earth Temple of the Creatrix

We begin in the Earth temple of the Creatrix, spiritual warrioress. Nature mystic. She calls you to reclaim your power and re-align in your masculine and feminine energies to be a force for change on the planet. Cultivating the qualities of self empowerment, intention, sovereignty, and presence. Clearing power leaks and blocks to manifestation. Equinox and New Moon Ritual.

The Priestess Initiate  Circle

Join me in a year-long journey working with 13 Archetypal temples of the Divine Feminine of 

the 13 Moon mystery School.


Through ritual, embodiment, shadow work, archetypal psychology, alchemy, yoga and priestess practices in a sacred container of mentorship and sisterhood.

A hybrid of virtual and in-person retreats to spark remembrance and clear alignment.

Empowering women to find their voice, feminine power and intuitive wisdom to offer their gifts in the world

with clarity and confidence​.

We begin Sat june 29, 2024

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