Qualities Defined:

Over 30 years old with life experience in knowing the self and stable so as not to have difficulty with finances throughout. This is a first Initiatory Gateway.


Next step:

   Book a consultation with me for a in-person Interview soul session to see if this circle is the right thing for both of us and you are truly ripe and ready. We can use this time as a way to get clear about your intention for doing this work and your visions for yourself.

You will receive:

  • Foundational principles to ground and create your own rituals​

  • Transmissions and teachings from various lineages

  • Meditations and Activations that support you to develop a daily practice.

  • Weekly Deepening Practices and handouts that will nourish your understanding of the core principles.

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Investment is $333 per moon that will be paid before each circle.
Discount if paid in full OR bringing in another sister


No one is turned away for lack of funds 


$333 per moon for 13 Moons, 

Total of $4,329 

  • Discounted $111 if paid in full for 13 Moons

  • Discounted $188 if  bringing in another Sister

  • No one is turned away for lack of funds 

  • Please contact via phone or email for more information.  

  • 415-646-6391