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National Flower

Lotus PEACE Temple
Full Moon Circle Replay

                       Tues Nov 28 

Natalia Price

13 Moon Mystery School



Enter into the Lotus Temple in your heart for a in a ceremonial PRAYER CIRCLE 

working the archetype of the Goddess of Compassion

  Harnessing the power of this Gemini Full Moon

to amplify PEACE in the Middle East .

On this ritual call we will explore:

~ Guided meditation, archetypal psychology, embodiment practices, PRAYER and ritual to enter into the heart wisdom of the Goddess of Compassion as Kuan Yin, Tara, or Mother Mary and how she lives within you.

~ Opening this as a space to comtemplate PEACE  from within in the midst of these challenging times moving us into divisiveness to Unity consciousness.

~ Discover what real compassion and forgiveness is for you and how it moves through you.

~ Learn new tools for cultivating peace and equanimity

~Connect with the Violet Flame and the Forgiveness practice of Ho'opono pono to transmute anything less than the vibration of love and acceptance.

~Full Moon ritual to harness the power of this Gemini Moon and illuminate your path and purpose.

✨​Om Mane Padme Om✨

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