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Pink Nature

Lotus Temple
Full Moon Circle

March 7 @ 5pm pst/8pm est

Natalia Price

13 Moon Mystery School



Enter into the Lotus Temple in your heart in a ceremonial circle

embodying the archetype of the Goddess of Compassion

from the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage.

  Harnessing the power of this Virgo Full Moon in ritual

to illuminate your visions .

Pink Lotus Flower

I Seed                  I Recognize

~ Guided meditation, archetypal psychology, embodiment practices, shadow work and ritual to enter into the heart wisdom of the Goddess of Compassion as Kuan Yin, Tara, or Mother Mary and how she lives within you.

~ Discover the real nature of compassion and forgiveness and how to embody it more fully and offer it to yourself with the violet flame of transmutation.


~ Work the art of Annointing with sacred oils as a priestess practices to empower and bless yourself as prayer on the body.

~ Explore Hand Mudras to heal and activate your intuitive body wisdom in sacred dance movement.....and how it alchemizes with mantra (sound) and yantra (geometry).

~ Work with the Shadow aspects  of compassion, such as a lack of personal compassion and the inner critic, often played out as being hypercritical, non-forgiving and judgmental with yourself. Rescuer syndrome, over-giving and the inability to say no.​​

✨​Om Mane Padme Om✨

The Priestess Initiate  Circle

Join me in a year-long journey working with 13 Archetypal temples of the Divine Feminine of 

the 13 Moon mystery School.


Through ritual, embodiment, shadow work, archetypal psychology, alchemy, yoga and priestess practices in a sacred container of mentorship and sisterhood.

A hybrid of virtual and in-person retreats to spark remembrance and clear alignment.


Empowering women to find their voice, feminine power and intuitive wisdom to offer their gifts in the world

with clarity and confidence​.

We begin Saturday April 1, 2023

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