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Imbolc is the first high holy day in the pagan turn of the wheel and also known as the Goddess Brigid’s Day in ancient times.

It's a  potent time for aligning with Earth’s magic and cycles to impact healing and empower our visions and intentions for the new year.

We gather in ritual to release and garner the wisdom and challenges of winter and ignite the inner flame to inspire and activate a new vision for ourselves..

Harness the power of the Leo Full Moon to Call in what we are illuminating in this new cycle with clarity and power

Desert in Dark

The Priestess Initiate  Circle

Join me in a year-long journeying through 13 Archetypal temples of the Divine Feminine in the 13 Moon mystery School.

Working in ritual, embodiment, shadow work, archetypal psychology, alchemy and priestess practices in a container of mentorship and sisterhood.

A hybrid of virtual and in-person retreats to spark remembrance and clear alignment.

Gathering sisters in ritual transformation to support our death and rebirth process to offer our gifts in the world with clarity and confidence​.

We start Saturday April 1, 2023

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