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Wed, May 06


Full Moon Women's Kali Circle

We are gathering virtually once again for the Full Moon in the archetype of The Creator Destroyer - Kali Ma. Aligning with Her powers of destruction, creation and transformation to consciously clear all that no longer serves to stand in our full empowered presence and LIBERATION

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Full Moon Women's Kali Circle
Full Moon Women's Kali Circle

Time & Location

May 06, 2020, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM


About The Event

Enter into the red black and white temple of the Creator Destroyer Preserver.....Kali Ma.  

We gather in virtual sisterhood to align with the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon to activate our sacred fire to clear out what no longer serves and Call in what we want to focus on and create.  

As so much in our world and patriarchy is falling away right now, We are invited to consciously work with the archetypal energy of the Creator Destroyer Preserver, also known as Kali Ma in the 13 Moon Mystery School. She is an  essential key in claiming our fully embodied presence and power. 

- Kali Ma is a Hindu Mother Goddess that embodies the power of Creation and Destruction, Oneness, and Liberation….the essence of tantra. She is a Destroyer of Illusions and anything that stands in the way of creative change, transformation and our ultimate Freedom. In Her three faces, She holds the key to the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. She devours our, attachments, arrogance, self doubt, fear, anxiety, comparison, untruth, inauthenticity, jealousy, and inequality. So that we may be truly Liberated and FREE 

We work with Kali Ma energy to assist us in releasing stuck patterns, old stories, and letting go of the masks we wear. To really take a look at our shadow and light, so that we by be reborn in our true essence and serve from that humble place. 

May we find strength and power together to stand in the Fire of these transformative times to be clear vessels for the feminine wisdom rising unified in love. . 

~facilitated by Natalia Price Vales from the 13 Moon Mystery School 

✨You Must Pre-Register to receive Zoom ID and PASSWORD here: 

We will engage in:  

-Connecting with other sisters and hearing the voices of our feminine essence that runs through us all. 

-Identifying and calling out what stuck pattern we have been carrying that are no longer serves.  What Are you DONE With Now? What needs to be Cleaned out? 

~Dissolve the Places that keep us Playing Small.  Letting Go of Control; the Fear of Not enoughness; of being too much; of unworthyness, people pleasing, and miss nice.  Get it out of our Cellular Memory.  

~ Movement practices for freeing our CREATIVE life force: opening the channels that have been shut down or denied so that the force of the Creatrix within each one of us can run free. 

~Tuning into what is at the core of what we want to preserve and amplify as the diamond light of essence within us. 

~ Using the tools and the raw power of this archetype, to set intentions for what we want to FOCUS on and CREATE now.  What do we want to amplify, activate, transform? Taking back our own Power to use our Minds like a focusing Lens and Train it to be Empty to receive divine inspiration and guidance.  

+You are invited to bring a glass of water and candle as fire to amplify this frequency.💜💜💜 

✨All Women and those identified as wombyn are Welcome. 

This virtual gathering is donation-based IF YOU FEEL RESOURCED     

     Suggestion Donation: $2-$20  🙏🏽 

You may donate via

  OR   Natalia-Price-1 

✨You Must Register to receive Zoom ID and PASSWORD here: 


Immerse in priestess practices, feminine wisdom, guided meditation, initiation, alchemy and ritual in a sacred container of sisterhood to Remember the essence of who we are.

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