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Clearing Blocks to Leadership
Virtual Masterclass

Sat Oct 22@ 12pm pst/3pm est

Natalia Price

13 Moon Mystery School

Enter into the Temple of the Heart of the Goddess of Love

from the 13 Moon Mystery School
A in-person Women's gathering in Nevada city honor Valentines day as a day of Self-love to share our hearts in sisterhood and pamper one-another..
Awakening the Oracle of our Senses in
a Sensorium of healing touch, taste, smell and beauty.
Come have a direct Embodied experience of the archetype of the Goddess of Love as we  immerse in feminine wisdom, priestess practices, guided meditation, shadow work,  and sacred movement in a container of sisterhood 
Pink Blossom

I  Feel      I Respond       I Beautify

Virtual 13 Moon Priestess Initiate Circle 2024 Hybrid
Virtual 13 Moon Priestess Initiate Circle 2024 Hybrid
May 2024
Hybrid Virtual Temple & in-person Retreats

*Check your email for Address & what to bring*


Join me for a ritual experience of deeply looking at what is blocking you from fully stepping into your leadership potential and moving through it to realign and clarify your path.  


- Diving into the shadow aspects, unconscious patterns, and limiting belief systems that hold you back from stepping into your purpose with confidence.


 -Work with embodiment and shadow practices from the 13 Moon Mystery School to come face to face with your fears and harness their power.


-Access greater wholeness and balance so you no longer are over-extending, sacrificing, and people-pleasing to be validated and know your worth.


-Move through self-doubt and feeling of unworthiness to guide others.


-Dissolve the old ways of working and hustling from the ego-mind to weave a new way of balancing your responsibilities and play in the fullness of life.


- Clearing self-sabatoge and second-guessing yourself to rise up in clarity, alignment and wholeness.



***Group Live Call via Zoom



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