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Creating and doing Ritual

    Step by step guided blueprint for leading your own

personal ritual

Natalia Price
13 Moon Mystery School

Personal Ritual Practice


1)  Prepare by setting up sacred space and gathering what you need. Have a glass of water, candle, bell or drum, or shaker, lighter, journal and smudge stick. You may wish to create an altar to focus the energy for your ritual with any sacred objects (colors, crystals, symbols, sacred geometries, elements0 


2)  Begin by lighting your candle to denote stepping into sacred space.


3)  Clear your energy by Smudging yourself with incense or herbs for clearing/purification if you have them (such as sage, palo santo, cedar or an incense stick). Also cleanse your sacred space and altar with this smoke.


4) Ground and Empty yourself out. Do something that clears your mind. Such as breath exercise, meditation or chant. Do whatever brings you into a focused centered alignment. Visualize your roots grounded to the earth.


5) Call in your higher self with the Mudra of Presence  (“I call upon my higher self to be here. ”).


6) Invoking energies. If it feels right for you create a magical ethric space around you, called "casting a circle". Creating a mandala of energy to amplify your prayers and support you
~Call in and invoke the sacred directions and elements of earth, air, water, and fire.

~Call in any guides, ancestors, deities, angels and energies that you work with ​

7) Now begin the body of your ritual work. State your intention for your ritual aloud to yourself.

8) Release shadow/work practice: Work with theses questions:

     What do you need to let go of to fully step into this new cycle? What do your want to release? Where have you been leaking your power? What do you need to clean up?  What is not serving you, holding you back?

    1.   Contemplate them. How have they served you? What was their medicine?  What did you learn? Reflect on how the blocks may have served, protected or keep you safe. See their wisdom, gifts and medicine.
    2. Thank them. (“Thank you inner critic for all the ways you kept me safe”) .What are you embracing in your shadow? What is the wisdom that you want to keep and integrate into your being?
    3. Choose to consciously release them by speaking them out loud into the candle flame.
    4. ​“I now release these stories that are no longer serving me. I release all that is blocking me from being my truest and fullest self. I release anything is clouding my spirit and keeping me small. I embrace your medicine and  teaching to serve my highest evolution and growth”
    5. Blow breath onto your hands  3 times and  pass it over your body, cleansing and purifying. You can also do this with smoke or incense…smudging yourself or the paper your wrote them down on.
    6. Complete and Seal it by ​Ringing  your bell. shaker, or drum. Use the power of sound to clear you. If you don’t have one…..make a sound or clap 3 times.

9) Now the second part is calling in: Intending.

    1. Call yourself back into your heart. Empty out. Center yourself.

    2.  Feel into a dream, intention or prayer that wants to manifest in this upcoming Moon Cycle.

    3. Ask yourself, “What dream wants to come into fruition in my life?” “What do I desire?” Take some time in silent meditation and allow it to bubble up from your heart.

    4. Visualize that seed idea being planted in your womb or belly. Allow it percolate in the dark of the moon. Ask your higher self, guides and angels for inspiration and guidance on it. Write down what you receive.

    5. Now speak out loud the intentions you are calling in for yourself into the glass of water.

    6. Lift it up to the sky to be filled by the Divine. Visualize your water being infused with loving support and grace around your intentions.

    7. Drink the water. You might Save some to pour outside on the Earth or on a plant to ground it.

    8. Feel and listen for inspirations into what might be some next steps, assessing what resources, materials, and people you will need to reach your goals. Write them down.

    9. Imagine a vision of yourself manifesting this dream. What does it look like? More importantly, How does it feel. Journal with this.

    10. Call in any assistance, clarity or support you need from your ancestors, guides, and allies.

    11. Ask your higher self if he/she has a symbol, or image that represents you actualizing this intention/dream. You can use this as a talisman to remind and empower you. Write it down or draw it.

    12. What are you committing to  to make this intention come true? Write it down.

10) Offer gratitude for this intention and visions. See it as already done and manifested. Fill yourself with the vibration of gratitude.

11) Thank and release the directions and elements. And any guides, ancestors or deities you called in. 

12) Offer up the ceremony for the highest good of all beings.

" I offer up this ritual for the highest good of all and the upliftment of the planet".

13) Close your ritual with a prayer, chant, mantra or song (make it up). You can seal the energy by offering a hand Mudra of completion or some kind of organic movement to bring it into your body.

14) End with the words, ”It is done, it is done, it is done, in the Name of the One”. Or anything else the resonates for you and seals the work. Blow out your candle.

15) When you are complete. Sit in silence for a moment. Notice what you are aware of within you. Journal and record your experience and see if anything wants to come through for you to deepen with or take action on.

This is important part of tracking yourself and your progress so that you can cultivate confidence and presence in taking your rituals out in the world and sharing them with others.

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