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Venus Full Moon Circle


Natalia Price

13 Moon Mystery School

Enter into the Temple of the Venus as the Goddess of Love 

Pink Flower

💗Harnessing the power of this Aquarius Supermoon and the Lammas Lion’s gate portal. We enter this archetypal sensual temple to dissolve our barriers to Intimacy and  connection and the shields we carry around our hearts.

      Working with the shadow of Comparison, Competition and body issues and how it damages our sisterhood and self-worth at its core.

Amplifying real beauty from within  and empowered presence as a radical act of healing for the planet. 

Setting intentions for this new cycle and what we want to manifest with Sun Moon and Lioness energy

the blocks to Self Love so that we may re-encode and ignite the flame of Love

Pink Flower


A 8- week program to empower women to step into Feminine leadership and embodied ceremonial facilitation.


 Learn the art of ritual and hone the foundational skills to confidently lead you own ceremonies privately or in large groups and circles.


Move through the inner blocks and shadow work to step find your voice and into authentic ritual leadership.

For women who are called to deepen their knowing of leading ritual and grounding others as guides, coaches, medicine women, and visionaries


And who want to make it their sacred business as a  seed for change and service and how they walk in the world. 

Practical, step by step teachings, tools, and activations to support you as you explore what it means for you to step up as a ritual leader.

Begins Oct 12, 2023

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