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     Enter into 3 archetypal Temples of the 13 Moon Mystery school with Natalia Price in ritual and sacred practices of embodiment, shadow work and priestess arts, to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, your path and the Divine. Feb 1-3, 2022

       Learn to work with and embody Divine Feminine Archetypes to be supported to own your worth, feminine power and intuitive wisdom and amplify it in the world in service.


        This journey is rooted in the priestess arts of ritual and offering from the heart, designed to empower and inspire you to see yourself from a more mythic expansive aligned perspective.  Remembering the inner mysteries you came here to live.


Day 3: Goddess of Love

      Enter into the Rose Temple of the Heart with the archetype of the Goddess of Love to open our hearts to greater intimacy and connection. Clearing the blockages and shield around our heart to choose to Love ourselves and our bodies Now. Naming the shadow of body image, comparison and competition and how it disempowers us and hurts our sisterhood at it's core. We choose Love as a radical act of healing for the planet to become fully present in our ability to walk as living embodiments of Love.
Day 2: Priestess

        We now open into the Sapphire Blue Temple of the Priestess archetype to learn how to come into inner balance and equanimity with empty presence and feed the feminine first practices to become a clear vessel and open our inner vision and psychic perceptions and learn to trust them. Working with the power of symbols, intuition, and mudras. Transmuting the shadow of perfectionism and scattered focus to be an embodied leader and clear guide.
 Day 1: Great Mother

                We began on the New Moon, Imbolc high holy day, and Chinese New Year in the burgundy temple of the
Great Mother to connect with our wombs and clearing in our matriarchal blood-line and Mother wounds. Exploring what it really means to Surrender and allow ourselves to Receive and be supported by the Divine Mother. Working with the core shadow issues of not-enoughness and unworthiness to be embraced in unconditional Love.
        We Harness the power of these auspicious high holy days to set intentions for this new cycle in alignment with Earth and Moon's natural rhythms.

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