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Goddess of Love
Inner Mysteries



Natalia Price

13 Moon Mystery School

Enter into the Temple of the Heart of the Goddess of Love

from the 13 Moon Mystery School

Pink Blossom

I  Feel      I Respond       I Beautify

-💗We gather to Awaken and Remember Her Within Us as our natural birthright of Bliss, Unconditional Love, Sensual Alchemy, Vulnerality and full empowered Presence.

-💗We will work to Name and Dissolve our barriers to Intimacy and the Shields we unconsciously carry around our Hearts. Clearing the blocks to Self Love so that we may re-encode and ignite the flame of Love through self-love practices and tools.

-💗Consciously Embrace the Shadow of Comparison, Competition, Jealousy and Insecurity and the ways it damages our sisterhood at its core. So that we may transmute the wounds of sisterhood and reclaim the healing codes of remembrence, belonging and empowerment that we hold for one another.

-💗 Reclaiming the Love for our Bodies as they Are right NOW through Embodiment practices to access and emanate Real Beauty from within as a radical act of healing for the planet.

-💗 Re-awaken the oracle of the Senses through sacred touch, taste, and exalt and expand our psychic and intuitive awareness.

Invoke the Goddess of Love within you to See yourself as Enough and consciously choose LOVE to authenticly walk as Her embodiment. 


Pink Flower

The Priestess Initiate  Circle

Join me in a year-long journey working with 13 Archetypal temples of the Divine Feminine of 

the 13 Moon mystery School.


Through ritual, embodiment, shadow work, archetypal psychology, alchemy, yoga and priestess practices in a sacred container of mentorship and sisterhood.

A hybrid of virtual and in-person retreats to spark remembrance and clear alignment.


Empowering women to find their voice, feminine power and intuitive wisdom to offer their gifts in the world

with clarity and confidence​.

We begin Saturday April 1, 2023

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